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Adam is a leading specialist in geometric and biomorphic (Arabesque) pattern, a traditional cursive art form that can be found universally. The visual crystallisation of movement, biomorphs express the archetypal cycles inherent in nature, from plant growth, sound vibrations and oceanic currents to the expansion of galaxies.

Adam co-runs immersive study trips to locations all over the world. In 2022 his book “Profound Patterns” was published, he has also contributed chapters to the best selling Thames and Hudson book Arts and Crafts of the Islamic Lands and is currently working on an extensive manual on biomorphic pattern. In 2022 Adam also wrote a series articles for Aramco World Magazine exploring Pattern’s from around the world. 


Adam has been a sessional lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London, as well as lecturing at Cambridge University and teaching in schools and museums across London, including the British Library, the V&A, the British Museum and PSTA. Adam spends much of the year facilitating immersive practical courses in arts and crafts around the world as part of the artistic adventure travel company which he cofounded, Art of Islamic Pattern.

2022 Study trips to Fez and Marrakesh, Morocco and Granada.